PSN Sites/Grantees


Bakersfield, CA

Bibb County, GA

Birmingham, AL

Brockton, MA

Chicago, IL

Manchester, NH

Niagara Falls, NY

Prince George's County, MD

Puerto Rico

Richmond, VA

Seattle, WA

Suffolk County, NY

Syracuse, NY

Wilmington, DE


Baltimore, MD

Baton Rouge, LA

Bridgeport, CT & New Haven, CT

Brookhaven, GA

Columbia, SC

Denver, CO

Detroit, MI

Fort Worth, TX

Fresno, CA

Greensboro, NC

Indiana- Northern District

Indiana- Southern District

Memphis, TN

Milwaukee, WI

Ohio- Northern District

Omaha, NE


Program Description

FY17 Sites

  • Executive Office of the Governor of Delaware

    Program Description:

    In Wilmington, the PSN team plans to augment and expand existing efforts targeting criminal activity by conducting risk terrain analyses of crime and providing a focused effort aimed at drivers of gun crime and gang violence in Wilmington Hot Spots.

  • Middle Georgia State University

    Program Description:

    Bibb County, GA will use the expertise of their team to conduct ballistics analysis using the latest IBIS BrassTrRAX technology. They also plan to conduct in-depth scholarly reviews and data-driven analyses of the local gun and gang crime problem. The Bibb County team will also develop a comprehensive Assistant United States Attorney led-case and a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) led National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN) hits review, and streamline directed patrol, field interrogations, and jail outreach for gun and gang crime deterrence.

  • New Hampshire Department of Justice

    Program Description:

    In Manchester, NH they plan to stem the flow of illegal guns by identifying, investigating, and prosecuting illegal firearms purchases. They also plan to address the illegal dealing of firearms without a license, and the transfer of firearms to prohibited persons. Finally, they plan to target prolific crime offenders, gun crime "hot spots,” and conduct outreach related to gun crime enforcement activities.

  • City of Birmingham

    Program Description:

    Birmingham will focus on a community-based, focus-deterrence strategy that includes prevention,
    intervention, and suppression modeled after Boston Ceasefire. This model also includes youth
    programming and outreach.

  • Puerto Rico Public Housing Administration

    Program Description:

    The Puerto Rico task force will eradicate drug markets, reduce violence related to the drug markets, and foster police-community reconciliation and empowerment in the target area. They also plan to
    implement drug market interventions and community outreach strategies.

  • Rochester Institute of Technology

    Program Description: 

    In Niagara Falls, the team will implement a strategy that focuses on dispute-related violence. Their plan includes: 1) the early identification of ongoing disputes; 2) a formal assessment of risk of further violence associated with those disputes; 3) weekly reviews by police and partners; 4) formulation and implementation of individualized strategies to prevent violence connected to the disputes; and 5) an ongoing assessment.

  • The Rosamond Gifford Charitable Corporation

    Program Description:

    In Syracuse, NY they will implement a version of the Boston Ceasefire model. They plan to focus on: 1) custom notifications; 2) identifying and addressing immediate basic needs; and 3) increasing ongoing services. The project will also provide services to 20 youth and families at any given time, and it is estimated that 40 youth and families will be served throughout the course of a year.



  • California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services - Cal OES

    Program  Description: 

    The team from Bakersfield, CA plans to implement ShotSpotter technology; improve police responses to gunfire; increase state and federal prosecution of gun crime within the target area; and increase positive police-community interactions. They also intend to enhance service opportunities by quickly placing police on the scene of illegal shootings and by generating actionable intelligence on the frequency and exact location of gunfire.

  • Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security

    Program Description:

    The team from Brockton, MA plans to implement "Operation Ceasefire" using the High Point Logic
    model that consists of: identification, notification, pulling levers, and resource delivery phases. This
    effort will enhance their existing Operation Safe Streets initiative. 

  • Office of the Attorney General of Virginia

    Program Description:

    In Richmond, they intend to implement Project Exile; conduct warrant sweeps; support a Boston
    Ceasefire-style deterrence and ‘pulling levers’ efforts; and run directed patrols in targeted areas. They also plan to conduct parolee and probationer home visits; support enhanced prosecution; and develop a public awareness campaign.

  • Washington Association of Sheriff’s and Police Chiefs

    Program Description:

    In Seattle, Tacoma, and Lakewood, they plan to implement “enhanced enforcement” with a particular emphasis on identifying active shooters. They also intend to bridge the information and enforcement gaps between federal and local law enforcement agencies, and identify unique areas of need in local communities. Finally, they plan to design and implement a custom-notification strategy to prevent violent crime, by focusing on high impact violent offenders. 

  • City of Chicago

    Program Description: 

    The Chicago PSN team will implement the following promising strategies to achieve five violent crime reduction objectives: 1) improved murder and non-fatal shooting clearance rates; 2) increased number of illegal firearms recovered from the district; 3) reduced retaliatory violence; 4) improved community partnerships to reduce violent crime; and 5) improved use of technology and data to develop efficient and effective local violence reduction strategies.

  • County of Suffolk

    Program Description:

    The County of Suffolk PSN team will utilize hot spot policing and top offender strategies to target
    enforcement efforts on the small number of offenders responsible for a disproportionate amount of
    violent crime. They will also utilize a focused deterrence strategy to send a message that continued
    violence will not be tolerated. Finally, the PSN team will provide alternatives to gang and criminal
    activity through outreach programs for youth in affected communities.

  • Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention

    Program Description:

    In Prince George’s County, they will proactively identify the most violent offenders and develop
    strategies to get them off the streets as quickly and effectively as possible. They will also promote and enhance successful state and federal criminal prosecutions related to gun crime, gang violence, and violent repeat offenders by improving the quality of all such cases. Prince George’s County law
    enforcement will address the problem of illegal firearms possession by not only pursuing charges for
    felons who possess the guns, but also those who supply or facilitate their access.